Friday, June 29, 2007

Marshall Street Circle Day 7

Day 7 It has been a quiet week.
Not much progress here.
Rumor has it that work has stopped while they decide on who the statue is going to be of. General Billy Mahone is leading the votes followed closely by Joesph Cotton and Nora Fontaine Maury Davidson.

Did the ARB approve the orange cones?

Remember Safety during the 4th next week

I read a book about the culture of postwar southern shopkeepers. What I found surprising is that since the oppression of the South by the Northern Aggressors it was customary not to celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks in the postwar south. Instead fireworks held a place of honor for Christmas and were sold in December not in July. We all know that nothing makes a new born baby happy like a fireworks display.

Sorry I digress. Anyway as most of you know the 4th in Petersburg is celebrated with a mix of gunfire (most likely in the air and not at another) and fireworks. Just wanted to remind you all to keep safety in mind this year. While a tin roof protects your house from sparks it doesn't stand up to that 9mm bullet that needs to obey the law of gravity.



Monday, June 25, 2007

Two New Suspicious Characters

Please keep an eye out for two mysterious characters who have surfaced around Tulip Alley and the park in recent days. One, a black male, about 6 ft tall, walks around with what looks like a cell phone, peaking into house windows, roaming up and down Adams Street in a bright blue shirt, at the last siting. The other, a tall, think black teenager with a large Afro, and a cap that he wears backwards, roams back and forth between Tulip Alley and elsewhere several times a day, and has done so for several days. Familiar suspicious characters like Charlotte the Crack Whore, Cowboy (aka Gaucho Pants Man) and others still roam around regularly, but they are known adversaries. These two new characters just have those furtive glances and that demeanor of being up to no good that all but the most naieve among us can recognize. Be aware.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The New Crater Has Arrived

Our friend Roquentin has decided to go back underground. As such, he has returned the use of this blog to HPLA Boardmembers such as myself.
If you've driven by Marshall and Adams lately, that hole in the ground is not an attempt to mimic the little crater out at the battlefield. It is, in fact, the emergence of our new traffic roundabout, designed not only to beautify the neighborhood but to slow down traffic and hopefully keep some people from using Adams as a cut-through to Sycamore. A four-way stop sign will also slow things down a bit. A special thanks to Ron Reekes for putting it all into motion.
So far, the impact of the impasse has been amusing. About half the people ignore the stop signs completely, while about a third actually stop and proceed in the correct direction. The remainder either go in circles nonstop or travel the circle in reverse order.
Any suggestions as to what should be IN the circle? So far we've heard things like a toll booth, a statue of some local notable, to a ten commandments-like table carved in stone saying either "Residents Only" or "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here.." We are still open to suggestions.
–--Jeff A

Friday, June 22, 2007

Marshall Street Circle Day 1

A year in the making... Day 1

Despite what you may wish for there is not cobblestones nor yellow bricks under Marshall Street.

I guess we are still in Kansas after all.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Rash of Marshall Street Robberies

On June 4, 5 and 6 there have apparently been a series of break-ins and attempted break-ins of cars and homes on Marshall Street. One house was successfully entered on Sunday while the homeowners were in church. Valuable papers and other items were taken. There have also been attempts to break into vehicles virtually every evening. Be vigilant! Call the police. And, since were are after all in the rather bizarre state of Virginia.....LOCK AND LOAD.

Your local vigilante