Sunday, September 30, 2007

Circle Survives, One Stop Sign Down

We're pleased to report that after a month or so the flourishing traffic roundabout at Marshall and Adams has yet to be run over, nor has it been abused in any way. The stop signs have not fared as well, however. Perhaps overtaken by the beauty of the circle itself, or more likely, overcome by Thunderbird or Ripple, someone managed to run down the stop sign on the northeast corner of the intersection. This apparently happened Friday night or early Saturday morning and the crippled sign is still laying there in pieces as of Sunday evening. The police were called by numerous residents, but despite this new safety hazard, it will apparently not be attended to until city workers actually go to work, maybe sometime Monday. Maybe. In the meantime, this new danger has renewed some fevered betting—this time as to who will obey the broken, sideways sign laying on the curb, and who will ignore it and hit someone stopping or not stopping for the three others.

———Posted by Jeff A

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Circle is Completed

With funds from a handful of neighborhood residents, another handful congregated on Labor Day and completed the planting of the Marshall and Adams Traffic Circle in about 3 hours time. Thanks to those who kicked in cash for the plants, soil and mulch, as the steadfast few who got up at the crack of down to finish it up.

——Jeff A.