Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Natives Are Restless

Unless you've been living under Pocahantas' rock, you know about the recent assaults on numerous drug houses, and the arrests of various schnooks all over town. For this we applaud the feds and the police. One small side effect, however, has been an increase in the number of lowlifes walking around Tulip Alley. Even Charlotte the Crack Whore has resurfaced, apparently having abandoned her Presidential Exploration Committee. We suspect that this new lot of crud floating to the surface of Tulip Alley is a sampling of those who used to frequent other drug houses around town. With those shut down, they are now wandering around the alley looking befuddled and scratching their chins, wondering where all the dealers went. The good news is that a fleet of cop cars visited the Alley itself a few days ago, and hopefully made a lasting dent in the crackhouse trade. The bad news is a man in a red T-shirt carrying a knife was scene walking the area Wednesday morning. He looks angry and desperate, so keep an eye out.

Posted by Jeff A——————